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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

A Daily Devotional / BLOG from Pastor Charlie Woodward

Back in March of 2020, when COVID came into our lives, I started a daily devotional as an opportunity to keep connected to my congregation with scripture and reflections and prayer. It became therapeutic for me and well received. I continued those devotions for over a year – over 380 devotions!

In March of 2021, I moved to a new church. It was important for me to take time to get settled in before taking on this task. I put the daily devotions aside, and spent my time and energy learning the ropes at the new place.

Seven months into the new call here at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Westlake, we are settled in. I felt it was now time to start again.

The title of the Blog is “Along the Way.” Faith is a journey. It is a journey we do not make alone. We do it in community with God and each other. My hope is that this can be one way we can join in this journey together. I hope that as we continue down this path, some of you may share some reflections as well. That would be welcomed!

For the content, I will be sharing the readings for the coming Sunday as well as a couple of hymns or songs as the focus for the daily devotions. Please know that it is very possible that you may hear stories or insights used in these devotions in the Sunday worship sermon. Also, if you have read my devotions in the past, it is pretty likely that you will see some stories that you've seen before. Good stories deserve to be repeated.

I hope this daily blog provides you an opportunity to join me reading some scripture, sharing a reflection or two, and offering a short prayer. Please feel free to share them with others, and I always welcome your comments and insights. You can email me at any time.

Using the Revised Common Lectionary, the week’s devotions will look like this:

  • Monday – Old Testament Lesson

  • Tuesday – Psalm

  • Wednesday – Song or Hymn or Video

  • Thursday – Epistle Lesson

  • Friday - Gospel Lesson

  • Saturday – Song or Hymn or Video

  • Sunday – An invitation to join us for worship

The first devotion will be available on Monday, November 29. It will be for the week leading up to Advent 2, which falls on December 5, 2021.

I hope you will join me along the way!


Pastor Charlie

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