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Song for the Day: He Never Failed Me Yet

A choir anthem I have had the privilege of singing several times is “He Never Failed Me Yet” by Robert Ray. There are several YouTube recordings of this – here is just one

God makes promises. God keeps promises. Have you ever considered how incredible this is?

We can make promises. Can we keep them?

I recall a conversation with a classmate in seminary who made it crystal clear to me. My classmate said, “You can get ready to come to class, and before leave your apartment, you can say to your wife and daughter, ‘I am heading to class, and I will be back as soon as class is over. I promise.’ And then you leave for class, and head across Main Street. But what if something were to happen? A car goes out of control and runs you down. Something happens in the building. You are struck by some physical ailment. You can make all the promises you want, but you can’t guarantee you can keep them.”

Sure it wasn’t the most joyous conversation I have ever had, but my classmate made his point.

I can try. I can promise. But there is no guarantee to back up my word. I cannot guarantee my promise.

But God can.

God makes promises. God keeps promises.

In the waters of baptism, God made a promise to you to hold you and to never let you go.

God made a promise. Today, that promise is kept.

He never failed me yet.

I am confident God never will.

Let us pray: Good and gracious God, we thank you for your never-failing promises. Give us strength to trust and never doubt you. We pray this in Jesus name, your Promise in the flesh, Amen.

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