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I don’t know about you, but in this current lock down due to Covid 19, I find myself really missing the interaction

of my friends from church. I miss going to church, I miss the coffee and conversation after the service, and I miss you.


This is a time when we can’t get together often, but it is a time when we need to hear from each other. We do have church restarted, but it is limited. We do have the Sunday night parking lot get-togethers, and Judy is still coordinating member visits. But I think this spot in the newsletter might be best served if we don’t do profiles right now, but we hear from you. I want you folks to write a short note and email it along with a photo to Mary Humer, and she will put it in this space in the newsletter. Write it as if you are talking to your friends here at church. Tell us how you are holding up, what you are doing to keep busy, what things do you miss, what are you thankful for, and how you came to know Jesus Christ. I will start with my Profile Communication.

Profile Communication

Becky Wagoner

I recently moved to a new house in Olmsted Township, and have been busy getting things organized, learning the area, and meeting new neighbors and their dogs. I meet new neighbors

easily when I walk Corky, who is 16 years old. And, I spend time, almost every day, FaceTiming with my sisters and family.

I have not returned to church yet, and won’t until I think it is safe to be in larger groups for an extended time. But I have tuned into the taped Sunday services. Although I live farther away

from church, I will continue as a member of POP. I continue to sew and have been sewing masks of various colors and designs. By the way, we are planning to resume the Quilters Group, because we usually have less than 10 gals present at any one time, and we can social distance easily as we spread out to work on quilts and fidget mats.

You ask, “How did I came to Christ?” Well, I grew up Catholic and had two cousins who were priests, and an aunt who was a nun. When I was younger, I thought all my non-Catholic friends were going to Hell, because that is what I was taught. I attended a Catholic girl’s college, and taught in church, but I realize now that I did not have a relationship with Jesus; I had a relationship with the Catholic Church. When I prayed, the prayers were short and always memorized. But things started to change. I took a Comparative Religion Course and eventually met and married Byron, my husband, who was Lutheran. I have never had an “Aha Moment,” that exact time when you know you have accepted Christ into your heart. But over the years I have definitely grown in my faith, and I now feel that God is close to me, always. And I have learned to pray openly and easily, which took some time. There was a time when Byron and I drifted away from the church, but we did rejoin, and I again feel at home with my Christian friends at POP.

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