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Craig & Erin Jagels


Craig was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up there and moved to Cleveland when he was young. He has one older brother, Kurt, in his family. After his graduation from Lutheran West high school, he continued his education at Ohio University. He earned a degree in Hospitality Management. He has built a career in the field of Corporate Business Travel.


Erin was born in Torrance, California and grew up there and also in Rockford, IL. She has one brother, CJ, in her family. After completing high school, she enrolled at the University of Iowa. Her majors were Communication Studies and English. Erin has held roles in public relations and events, and now works in the field of sales and marketing for a local damage restoration company.


They met at a work party in Denver in 2000. Erin and Craig have raised a family with 3 children. Jordyn, age 31, is married to wife Kylie and they live in Lakewood. AJ, age 18, is a senior at Avon Lake High School. Grace, age 15, is a high school freshman at JVS. The family joined Prince of Peace in 2008 after they moved to the area from Colorado. Pastor Bishop did Grace’s baptism when she was a baby. 


Erin and Craig have been involved in important missions and have volunteered their time and talents here in many ways. Erin taught Sunday School, and ran Vacation Bible School for a handful of years. She served on the Anniversary Celebration Committee and the Call Committee. Craig has served as a member of the Church Council. Both are involved with OMNI and help with the Bluz Over Africa yearly fundraiser. They have answered God’s call to serve both here in our community, and in distant places!


They love travel and music and watch and have traveled for a lot of hockey and lacrosse over the years! The family enjoys eating out and trying new places. One thing that folks at POP may not know is that while Erin was born in California, Craig in Detroit, and AJ in Denver, Grace is the only true Ohioan. They love Ireland, so they would love to travel there again. Their kids get “senior trips”, so AJ is hoping for California and Grace will have a few years to decide. 


The Jagels have been guided through life by the Holy Spirit. I’m glad to have learned more about this energetic family. They know that The Son shines and the Lord reigns! 😀


By Tom Robinholt : Profile Reporter

Sean & Liz Lavin



Sean was born and grew up in Erie, PA. He has a younger brother and sister in his family. After high school, he continued his education at Asbury University and majored in Media Communications. His career is now focused in business development at Toppan Merrill. He took a territory from $0 to $2 million in revenue while working remotely.


Liz was born in Cleveland, and she grew up in Cleveland and Parma. Her family includes 3 younger sisters and 1 younger brother. Upon graduation from high school, she enrolled at Ohio University and earned a degree in Nursing. She is now working as an RN (certified RNC-NIC) in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for 17 years and counting. 


Sean and Liz met through mutual friends - a coworker of Liz and friends that lived across the street from Sean when he lived in downtown Cleveland. They have 2 children, Kieran who is 6 years old, and Emery who is 5 years old. Sharing their Love as a family brings them much happiness!


They were looking for a church that would feel like a good fit for both of them. Sean was raised non-denominational and Liz was raised traditional Lutheran - making it difficult for them to find a church that felt right. They drove by Prince of Peace one day and decided to try it out. They really enjoyed Pastor Bishop and felt very welcome. Since then they have welcomed their 2 beautiful children who have been baptized at POP. Pastor Charlie offered them first communion this year! They love attending Sunday School. I noticed Sean recently in the lower education wing and knew they would have a great story to tell.  


Liz had been part of the monthly blood pressure team that served between services. She loves snuggling with the kids, traveling and reading. Her travel wishlist includes Paris/France, Italy, London, Bora Bora, and finishing her goal of visiting all 50 states. Sean enjoys music, film and firearms. Sean and Liz would love to visit Ireland and Scotland one day. 


Liz loves being a mom! Seeing the world through their children's eyes and their faces lighting up when they go on fun adventures brings much happiness. She also used to do a little travel nursing. She had a brief stint in San Diego, CA and Nevada. 


POP continues to attract young families with children that will continue our missions for many years into the future! A Bible verse that seems appropriate regarding this is “ All your children will be disciples of the Lord, I will make peace abound for your children.” Our church is founded on this eternal peace that will be found in heaven. Offer a sincere “Peace be with you” as you meet the Lavin family.


By Tom Robinholt : Profile Reporter

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