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Liz Grider

            Liz is a recent new member, but she started attending Prince of Peace about a year ago. She was born in Cleveland, raised in Cleveland then lived in the towns of Berwyn and Broadview, which are west side suburbs of Chicago. Her family moved back to Rocky River when she was eight years old, and she attended public schools there. After high school, she attended and graduated from Kent State University with a degree in education in 1975. She came from a family of four kids: two older brothers, and a younger brother. Being the only girl, Liz said the boys were kind of tough on her, but she managed. It also helped that her youngest brother was 10 years younger. Her father was a regional manager and traveled a lot.


            Liz was married in 1975 after college. Her husband was an aerospace engineer. She was married for 30 years, but the marriage ended in separation, then divorce in 2012. Liz has two sons. Eric, the youngest went to Bowling Green University, and he currently lives in the Toledo area with his wife, Lindsey. Matthew, the older son, is still single, and currently lives with Liz. He has a degree in Japanese, and is contemplating returning to grad school.

            After getting her teaching degree, Liz taught 7-8 graders for 8 years in Coldwater, Ohio, a small town in western Ohio, about half way between Toledo and Cincinnati. She then was a substitute teacher for about a year in Miami County, Ohio, followed by a job in Troy, Ohio. Then as she raised her family, she was a stay-at-home mom. When she finally went back to work, she went into banking. Liz currently works for Equity Trust Co.

            Liz loves to read. After dealing with people all day, she says it is nice to be quiet and enjoy a good book. She enjoys biographical mysteries, historical fiction and science fiction. One of her favorite authors is the Australian writher, Kate Morton. Liz also lives to walk and stay active. She loves animals and nature. She currently has two cats. Cloe is a nine year old rescue cat she got as a kitten. She lost one of her cats to kidney disease three years ago, so her son brought over another rescue kitten who, after three years, is now 17 pounds. Liz is also active as a volunteer with Berea Animal Rescue.


            Liz says that most folks at Prince of Peace don’t know that she really loves to dance. Liz usually attends the 11:00 am service at POP. Please get to meet Liz. You will be rewarded talking to this wonderful, caring person. I believe that anybody who love animals, and especially rescue animals, has a special place in heaven.

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